Applying for a Rental Property

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Applying for a Rental Property

Tips To Get Your Rental Application Accepted

Finding rental properties in this current market can be a daunting process. It is overwhelming the number of renters with an open inspection and time-consuming process ensuring your application is the best, giving you a better chance of being accepted.

You can register to receive new listing alerts by registering with any Agency in your area and with and This will ensure you receive updated alerts matching your property criteria.

After scrolling through online portals and accessing rental magazines for possible rentals in your budget bracket, you finally find your suitable home.

You have found your dream rental on the online portal; ensure you register to attend the open for inspection. If you didn’t register to inspect online, it would be best to call the Agency and let them know you will be attending the open and that you’re interested in the property.

Being registered for the open, the Agency can update you have the inspection time has changed, canceled for some reason, or to update you. Also, ask them if they take applications pre-the-inspection.

If, for some reason, you can not attend any longer, try and ask someone to view the property on your behalf.

If you can’t find someone to attend on your behalf, and you can’t either, ask the Agency if you can sign a “Sight Unseen” waiver. The Agency will ask the owner if, in exceptional circumstances, he would consider it.

The next step is completing an application form if you have found your perfect home. Although the application form is mandatory, it also shows the landlord and agent that you are the best candidate for the property, that you can pay the rent, and that you will look after the property. Your application is reviewed against all other applicants; making sure yours stand out is essential.

Applying for a Rental Property

What Should Be Included In The Rental Application?

1. Rental Resume

Supporting your application and helping you save time, you want to show you are super keen on renting the property, consider compiling a rental resume and take a printed copy to the viewing.  Ensure you include your contact details, references, rental history, education, employment details, and salary. Making a good first impression with a document such as this may help your application.

2. Photo Identification

The Agency will generally want a 100-point Identification. Photo identification may be one of the more prominent pieces of paperwork, but it’s also one of the most important. Prepare digital copies of Photo ID; PDF is the best for a high-resolution photo.

Your driver’s license or passport will generally suffice.

3. Reference Letters

Let your referees know you are looking for a property, and ask if they can get back references as soon as possible. Any reference letters you may have from past landlords and employers are valuable. Having positive feedback can sway the decision in your favour.

Reference letters apply to your pets as well. The selection is much more effortless if you have any positive reference letters from previous landlords and agents regarding your pets. Submit a photo of your pet with your pet application

4. Pay Slips

A significant scope is placed on your ability to pay rent, as landlords would want to know the tenant has a reliable and constant source of income. Therefore, submitting the last two months’ payslips and bank statements to your application will not only show proof of employment but should also allay any fears a landlord may have over missed payments.

5. Rental History

Rental history refers to your past rental arrangements, from former addresses, late rent payments, evictions and breach notices, criminal history, your credit score and other data to help a landlord decide whether you are a good tenant.

Ensure you understand your rental history report, so you are not faced with surprises.

6. Cover Letter

Do you want a good first impression? Then, attach a cover letter to your application form. The cover letter will differentiate you from other applicants, and detailing why you should be considered will add a professional feel to your application.

7. Follow up

After submitting your application and you have not heard anything 48 hours later, it is recommended to follow up with the agent via phone or email. Remind them you are keen to rent the property and ask if they need further information. Remember –like a job interview, wearing your best clothes for the inspection might help too!

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